Textiles and Travel

Sustain Textile Travels brings together a passion for traditional textile practices and slow travel. This intends to be an immersion into the life, culture and history of India. A travel experience through the focal lens of textiles provides the back drop for our journey. Our travel will be sensitive to local customs and traditions and tribal communities.

My purpose in offering this journey is to share my love and passion for India, so others can experience India in a way that feels authentic and natural. Its not a tour that simply peeks into another culture but rather an in-depth journey deep into an ancient land.

This idea formed during my time in Bhuj, when I started travelling to villages to meet the artisans and see their traditional crafts. I would speak with them about their work and they would share their ancestral stories over chai. When I met a couple of British travellers and took them along with me, I realised that they were often intimidated to speak to the artisans, unsure about local customs and etiquette, having me there meant they had a way to connect in a more meaningful way.


That's how it all started. 

Textiles are stories and myths woven into a historical tapestry. These traditions are more than 5,000 years old. One of these textile traditions is block printing, which is thought to be more than 2,000 years old. We will learn about this process, its history and artisans. There will be two hands on workshops to fully understand the complexity of this process. We will visit the villages and homes of some of these master artisans.​

We'll delve into the diversity of India, a land of opposites, from remote villages to cities, local thali's to cafe's, bazaars to boutiques.  Going off the beaten track to explore hidden places and winding streets that lead to rumbling facades, the past lives on in the ruins that remain.

We will travel with a small group of people with a shared desire to know India and its fascinating facets. Slow travel is a thoughtful way to observe and move through another culture by adapting to its rhythm. There will be as much doing as sitting back, relaxing and simply being.

We will journey through and experience forts and palaces, traditional crafts, beautiful boutiques, bazaars, haveli's, chai, cafes, ancient step wells, temples, and stay in boutique hotels.  An experience that will bring together these opposites in a whole and complete way.

Traveling in India is perhaps a dream of a a life time and something you will forever tell stories about. Be prepared to see, hear and feel all the joy and wonder that is India, literally a visual feast that will leave you hungry for more.