Our journey begins in Jaipur, a wonder for design, architecture and history, then continue onto Ahmedabad and Bhuj, in the Kutch region with its rich history of textiles, crafts and tribal customs. 

In Jaipur we'll combine hand block printing workshops, natural dyeing processes, along with being steeped in the magic of palaces and forts, boutiques and cafes nestled in old haveli's. We will walk through its fascinating streets where ancient crafts continue to be practiced for all to see. Indulging in local delicacies and trying street food such as samosa's and traditional Indian drinks, like lassi, along with boutique cafe's and restaurants, will be a culinary highlight of our time here.

During our time in the Kutch region, we'll explore Ajrakh block printing, hand weaving, organic cotton production, natural dyeing, embroidery, bhandani, shibori, leather and silver making. Its literally a haven for those interested in the textile traditions of India. We will visit remote tribal villages in a responsible and ethical way. 

Traditions of Bhuj

Meet the People. Bhuj is a much more remote region and provides a wonderful contrast to Jaipur. Here, different tribes of the region still maintain many of their unique customs and traditions, especially distinct embroidery techniques. Although times are changing, many of the older generation still follow their customs, though modern technology is greatly affecting their nomadic ways.