Apala in Khadi - hand spun and hand woven - dress in cotton and silk dyed by hand using the natural Indigo plant.


Traditional processes and hand woven fabrics to bring hertiage alive. An attempt to change the world. Change towards sustainability. Change towards tolerance. It is not luxury, rather it is a lifestyle. 


A slow fiber movement. It is a movement against rapid industrialization. It is a movement towards sustainability. 


The dye content is entrapped within the green leaves of the indigo containing plant species. Firstly the dye is extracted through a lengthy process of oxidation. And then later the oxidized dye cake is again reduced to impart dye to the yarns. This involves very complex chemical reactions, which made indigo dyeing most magical and filled with myths. Therefore ‘maku’ offers a piece of blue cloth, which is not only functional, but also sustainably valuable due to its zero carbon footprint. Maku textile private limited is proud to support and initiate such a cause, and wish to share and spread the message worldwide.




  • Gentle hand wash and line dry.


    This clothing line uses the finest cottons and silks and we recommend dry cleaning only to help preserve the material.